Village Lions

White Collar Boxing

Friday, February 24th at The Highline Ballroom in NYC

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  • Emcee Kieran Holohan

Fight Order

  • FIGHT 1 Clash of the Lion Kings: Andy "Cupcake" Wagner vs. Greg "Gator" Faherty
  • FIGHT 2 T and Asstoria: Christina "Steal Yo" Manzi vs. Erika "Can You Do the CanCan" Kocher
  • FIGHT 3 Eighty Years War: Part Deux: Javier "El Matador" Sanz vs. Jurrian "Big Cheese" Zoeteweij
  • FIGHT 4 The Rubble Rumble: Sham "Bam Bam" Khan vs. Ela "Pebbles" Van
  • FIGHT 5 Blood Sweat and Beers: Sierra "Cutthroat" Cutler vs. Kristen "Ruthless Red" Guernier
  • FIGHT 6 Beauty and the Beast: Matthew "Fuzzy" Mullen vs. "Crazy Joe" Karlin
  • FIGHT 7 The Big Green Grapple: Theresa "T-Rex" Cassano vs. Melanie "Predator" Pastuck
  • FIGHT 8 The Hookers’ Bind and Brawl: Eric "Genghis Han" vs. Marco "Camacho Macho Man"

About White Collar Boxing

The Inaugural Village Lions White Collar Boxing Event held on June 6th, 2014, at the B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square, New York, NY. Organized by club member Hamish Keith, formerly a senior producer at inVNT, a global brand communications agency, who saw the potential that this kind of event had to elevate the Village Lions in the growing Northeastern rugby landscape. Since 2014, White Collar Boxing has become a stronghold in the NYC rugby community and continues to be a premier, sold-out event year after year.

White Collar Boxing has been featured in publications including The Rugby Breakdown and Man's Life Magazine.